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What is SEALDEK?

ALL IN ONE WATERPROOFING SYSTEM & SPECIALTY COATING. SEALDEK is a fluid applied polyurethane elastomeric polymer that is resilient, extremely tough, and wear resistant. It can withstand extreme temperatures, is environmentally friendly, and can be used for waterproofing and/or a functional traffic coating system as well as for industrial containment.

Base Membrane:

Pour in place, (Patented Technology), Water Curable Polyurethane. Is waterproof, self leveling, can be painted over or used as a tile underlayment, and is 100% seamless. It is primarily used on plywood, concrete and metal surfaces. 

  • 500% Elongation

  • Slopes to Drain

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Durable & Long Lasting

  • Industrial Grade 


Liquid applied, high solids, water catalyzed polyurethane, waterproof, Non-Slip Pedestrian Deck System. The system utilizes a primer, one coat of a pattented technology basecoat and two coats of an aliphatic urethane topcoat. SEALDEK WD can be applied to protect surfaces against spalling, freeze/thaw damage, and chemicals commonly encountered on these surfaces. It is an elastomeric system designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements. It will not soften in heat nor become brittle in cold. SEALDEK WD is a proven waterproofing system primarily used on plywood, concrete and metal surfaces. Installed and maintained properly, SEALDEK WD decking system will ensure years of service.

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